Install git


1. Download git

  • You have to be online all of the time as Android Studio downloads several updates!
  • Any git version should work. For example
  • Make sure to note down the installation path. You will need it in the next step.
Git installation path

2. Set git path in Android Studio

  • Let Studio know where is git.exe located: File - Settings

    Android Studio - open settings
  • In the next window: Version Control - Git

  • Choose correct path: ... /Git/bin (including /bin)

  • Make sure update method “Merge” is selected.

    Android Studio - GIT path

3. Reboot

  • Reboot your PC to update System Environment.

4. Check git settings in Android Studio

  • Open Terminal window in Android Studio

  • Enter “git –version” (without quotation marks!) and press Return

    git --version
  • If git is installed and connected properly you will receive an information about the installed version that looks as follows:

    result git-version


  • Any git version should work. For example
  • Use homebrew to install git: `$ brew install git`.
  • For details on installing git see the official git documentation.
  • If you install git via homebrew there is no need to change any preferences. Just in case: They can be found here: Android Studio - Preferences.