Safety first

When you decide to build your own artificial pancreas, it’s always important to think about security and safety, and to understand the impact of all your actions


  • AndroidAPS is a just a tool to help you manage diabetes, it is not a fully automated system you can install and forget!
  • Do not assume that AndroidAPS will never make mistakes. This device is taking control of your insulin delivery: Watch it all the time, understand how it works, and learn how to interpret its actions.
  • Remember that, once paired, the phone can instruct the pump to do anything. Only use this phone for AndroidAPS and, if being used by a child, essential communications. Do not install unnecessary apps or games (!!!) which could introduce malware such as trojans, viruses, or bots that could interfere with your system.
  • Install all security updates provided by your phone manufacturer and Google.

SMS Communicator

  • AndroidAPS allows you to control a child’s phone remotely via text message. If you enable this SMS Communicator, always remember that the phone set up to give remote commands could be stolen. So always protect it at least by a PIN code.
  • AndroidAPS will also inform you by text message if your remote commands, such as a bolus or a profile change, have been carried out. It is advisable to set this up so that confirmation texts are sent to at least two different phone numbers in case one of the receiving phones is stolen.